Our Journey for Season 2019-2020


Off to see the Southwest

We took off for a Southwestern Trip 2019-2020 on November 29th and will end up in Arizona for the majority of the Winter. 

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Fuel Savings you deserve

EFS Fuel Card


We just got our "EFS" Fuel Card and already we have saved over $23.60 in the cost of Diesel Fuel by just using it with 2 fill-ups. You too can save at the pumps. If you use Diesel Fuel and don't mind saving 30-40 cents per gallon every time you get fuel then this card maybe what you have been looking for. It's easy, safe and it's not too good to be true. If you are ready to start saving money, you can fill out a form online and submit: https://www.tsdlogistics.com/fuel-card-application-rv/
In the "Referred By" field, enter:
Doug / Lynn Crouch and/or "HereWeRVAgain"


Our Blog to HereWeRVAgain

 We are cleaning and getting ready to take out the old and put in the new furniture. We have purchased everything to install Solar Panels, Batteries, and all of the necessities in order to boondock. Be sure to visit our Amazon affiliate site by going to www.herewervagain.com and click on the links. 

About Us

Our Background


We are Lynn and Douglas Crouch. We have been married since 1978 and have 2 children  Crystal and Brandy, between them they have given us 4 Grand Children, Kenzie, Kayden, Khole, and Diezel.  In 2018 we decided to sell our home pay off our debts and become Full-Time RVers so we could see what we have been missing in life. 

Our latest RV purchase for Full-Time RVing.


In 2018 we decided that now was the time to become Full-Time RVers. We sold our big purchases in life, purchased this RV and Tow Truck and now we are making plans to hit the road. 

Our first RV back in the 1980's


We would set sail in our what we thought was the perfect fit RV for us to Southern Indiana to the Strip Pits. We would spend the weekend in what is now called "BoonDocking" or "Dry Docking". We had so much fun as a Family and we always thought that some day this is what we would be doing.